Monday, 28 March 2011

Banyule council events: "Twilight Sound" & "Kids Arty Farty Fest" part 1

I worked as an event assistant at the Banyule council events over the weekend.

"Twilight Sound" & "Kids Arty Farty Fes"

The events took place at Sills Bend at Heidelberg.

After 1 and half tram&train ride from my house,

I finally reached the Heidelberg station.

Heidelberg is still in zone 1 but it's really far from my house.

I see the event flag!

From the station, I walked for 30 mins to get to the event venue.

I'd never been to this area before so I was lost on my way to the venue...

walk walk...

walk walk..

Walk walk...


After asking 3 passerby for directions,

I finally found the event sign board!

It was a good exercise!

-> continue to part 2

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