Thursday, 3 March 2011

Comic drawing and storytelling workshop

I went to Mr. Bernard Caleo's

"Comic drawing and storytelling workshop"

at City Library yesterday.

Mr. Bernard Caleo is a Melbourne-based Australian comic artist.

He is an comic editor and performer as well.

It was a free event ran by the City of Melbourne.

I found out about this workshop

through an email from the international students organization.

They said in the email that

it's a free workshop but only lucky 30 students could attend.

The words


and "lucky 30 students"

grabed my attention.

I love drawing.

I am interested in learning the storytelling techniques using pictures.

So why not?

I quickly applied.

That's how I became one of those lucky 30 students.

The workshop was really fun

It wasn't just about how to draw pictures.

Rather, it was about how to tell a story using pictures.

You can tell a story sometimes without a word.

It was amazing to see how we could all tell a story

by just using 1 or 2 square boxes on a paper as well.

You know how most of the comics have pages and pages to tell a story?

But sometimes you don't need so many pages.

Just like Peanuts (Snoopy) comics,

4 square boxes on a single paper can be enough for you to tell a story.

I was happy to be the lucky 30

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