Sunday, 13 May 2012

Japanese style breakfast

Today's breakfast was Japanese style breakfast!

*Grilled salmon
*Dashimaki tamago (Japanese style rolled egg)
*pickled radish
*cabbage & carrots miso soup
*white rice

Oh yes, white rice!
I recently switched from a cheap rice brand to Akitakomachi, Japanese rice.
Now, the rice tastes so much better now! I can eat rice just by itself, without any sauce or side dishes. Each piece of rice is soft, round and sweet.

I like western style breakfast but I guess I am still Japanese, I love Japanese style the best!

This morning, the moment I woke up, I had an urge for Japanese style breakfast.
I had to eat it!
So I walked to the kitchen and cooked the salmon, egg, and miso soup.
I had already pickled radish few days ago and they were still in the fridge ready to serve!
I like to make a lot of pickles and save them in the fridge so that whenever I'm hungry, I can just take them out of the fridge and eat them!

Radish pickles aer very yummy.
The recipe is inspired by my favourite korean restaurant in melb.
You can pickle half of radish with about 4 table spoons of suger, 1 table spoon of vinegar, and some wasabi!

The egg was soft and sweet and yummy!

The dashimaki tamago recipe is here
Today I have a non-stick square pan specially for dashimaki tamago.
So here, the egg looks nicer than the one in the recipe.
If you want to make a really good looking egg, please use a non-stick,  square shaped pan!

Today's breakfast was a little bit plain.
 It could have been even better to add spinach & tofu dish to today's breakfast!
(I didn't have stock in my fridge)
It was still very yummy though!

Happy Sunday!

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