Monday, 14 May 2012

Today's dinner and potato salad recipe

Today's dinner


Tina's fried rice (my friend's recipe)
Tofu with dried shaved bonito, ginger & soy sauce
Potato salad
Marinated bean sprouts
Miso soup

Asparagus in Singapore are so much thinner than the ones in Australia.
I love them! They get very soft when I boil them.


Special frid rice!

Easy & Tasty potato salad recipe

*potatoes 2-3
*onion 1/8
*Japanese cucumber1/4
*Sweet honey mini tomatoes 3-5
*vinegar 1-2 table spoons (as you like)
*mayonaise 3 table spoons
*a pinch of salt and pepper


1. peel the potato skin (if you like it with skin, you can keep the skin as well), cut into half or 1/4, depending on the size of the potatoes. Boil them till they become soft enough to mash.

2. Meanwhile, slice the onion and cucumber into thin slices. cut the tomatoes into half.

3. Once potatoes are done, take them out of the water, mash them, and cool them down.
Then, add all the ingredients including the veggies and sauce and mix them well.
Leave it in the fridge for a while and serve it cold!

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