Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunday lunch & dinner out

I caught up with my friend over lunch on last sunday. We had pork cutlets at Ma. Maison!
This place was awesome :)

Pork was soft and juicy, the outside was very crisply!
The zakkoku mai (the brown rice with heaps of grains) was also delicious!
Rice and cabbage are free flow.

I had never been picky for pork cutlets when I was in Japan. It's because almost everywhere I go (except for some dodgy places), they serve very crispy and tender cutlets in Japan!

But ever since I moved to overseas, it had been difficult.
Most of the time, pork has got too much fat and there is hardly any pork inside the breadcrumbs. This is cheating!
Also despite the low quality, It is often pricy! The worst is the very soggy cutlets. Ahhh I hate those!!!

But hey, this pork cutlets at Ma. Maison at mandarin gallery is really great!

Thanks a lot to my friend who took me there :)

We did a lot of shopping after lunch and we had sukiyaki udon for dinner!

It was not bad either! The taste was great, I just wish that they serve it hot!!!
It was not cold but not hot either.
I ate at "fu fu udon" and "fu fu" in Japanese means hot! ( it's the sound you make to cool down the food temperature. If the udon is not hot, you can't make this sound)

Anyway overall it was a fun & delicious Sunday!!

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