Sunday, 13 May 2012

Looking back my holiday in Melbourne

I realized that I hadn't finished writing about my family trip in Singapore.
But I have to write about my Melbourne trip first before I forget!
I went back to Melbourne for about a week, using Japanese "Golden week holiday" !
I'm going to look back my holiday by introducing various good food I ate in Melbourne.
 Ok, the picture above is, the real "breakfast stack" from my favourite cafe in Melbourne.
Everything is stack nicely. The poached egg is amazing too!
I am going to practice hard! Someday, my breakfast stack will look like this!

The picture above is my friend's cooking! Some moroccan food she said.
Nice warm stew and Halloumi cheese salad! She is my master cheif.
Melbourne was so cold that I really appreciated this warm stew she made.
Thank you!

These cute cup cakes are from my another friend.
They were sooo yummy!

This is my favourite bibimpab (Korean food) from Oriental Spoon.
I tried bibimpab from different korean restaurants in Melb and also in Singapore,
but still nothing can beat this.

Dear my taco!
I missed you so much!!!!
I was craving for taco when I was in Singapore.
I can buy the taco pack in Singaore but it is not nice to eat taco alone!
One of my food dreams came true during my melb trip!
Thank you!

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