Sunday, 17 March 2013

Phuket Trip2

More phuket pictures

Hotel Resort

The view from the hotel swimming pool
Art Market!


I bought some cool post cards, an eco bag, key chains, notebooks etc etc.

A lot of food stalls and hand craft shops and clothes shops and MORE!!!
There were lots of local students hanging out after school.
Some students were playing music on the stage too.
I did my nails here!
The lady didn't understand English,
but she had a friend who could speak English and we successfully communicated :)



My First Thai Cooking Class in Kata!!!
My boyfriend knows that I looooove cooking and so he secretly booked a cooking class for us.
I didn't expect this at all! It was so fun and exciting! 
Welcome snack :
Thai spring roll.
Let's get it started!

I learnt and made 3 famous Thai food at Kelly's Cooking Class in Kata.
Kelly explained different kinds of spicies and ingredients they use for Thai cooking.
Then we all went through her recipe first, then started preparing the dishes.

My Very First Green Curry!!
Not from a package, I made it from scratch!!!
It was so so so delicious!!!
Then, this is the chicken pad thai I made :)
It was sooo delicious tooooo!
I couldn't finish it all so took it away and ate it for dinner later on.

Tom Yum Soup

I put less chillies but it was still very spicy!
But I liked the sour taste of the soup.
We had the cooking lesson with a french couple.
The lady found it too spicy but the man loved it!

Other pictures....

Feeding bananas to Mar Mar (The elephant's name)
Local students :)

Electric wires looking dangerous...

the Big Biddha!!
This Buddha is still under construction.
People from all over the world have been donating money to finish up this buddha.
I saw some Japanese yen displayed on the donation wall together with many other foreign currencies.

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