Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ginger & Plum Sweet Japanese Style Hamburger Steak

Tonight's dinner
* Multi-grain rice
*Ginger&Plum Sweet Japanese Style Hamburger Steaks
*Sliced cabbages with sesame dressing

Whenever I make a Japanese style hamburger steak,
I will make a shaved radish sauce.
But today, I didn't have a radish at home so thought of making a new sauce to try..
It turned out very delicious!
By the way, I made about 8 hamburger steaks and  turned 3 ouf of 8 into this Japanese style ones 
and made the rest into a tomato stewed hamburger steaks.


Ingredients for the basic hamburger steaks

Minced pork 600g
Onion 1/2
Egg 1
Bread crumbs 5 table spoons
Mixed Herbs 1 table spoons
Butter 1 tea spoon


Ingredients for the ginger & plum sauce

*Plum salad dressing 3 table spoons 
*Minced Ginger marinated in mirin and soya sauce
(whenever I buy gingers, I chop them into small pieces and put them in a small jar,
pour soya sauce and mirin and keep them in the fridge.)
*Tarako mayonaise
*Pickled plum


1. Mince onions. Heat up a pan with the 1 tea spoon of butter, stir fry the onions. Once the colour of the onions turned yellow, put off the fire.
2. Put rest of the hamburger steak ingredients into a bowl, mix well.
Once the onions are cooled down, add them in, mix well, and make the hamburger shapes.
3. Heat up the pan again with some oil, cook the hamburger steaks. Once they are well cooked, take them out of the pan, serve on a plate. Pour the sauce before you eat!

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