Sunday, 17 March 2013

Phuket Trip

 I went to Phuket back in January.
 It was my first time visitingTailand.

I made a breakfast box and ate it at the airport.
*Onigiri (rice balls)
*Japanese rolled egg with seaweed
*Chikuwa&carrots tempura
*Fried chicken
*Pickled radish
*Mini tomatoes

Welcome to Phuket!
Our first meal in Phuket.
Pad Thai
Green Curry

Pinapple juice!

The wather was sunny sunny all the way till we left Phuket.
Nice weather

Cute elephants

Back to food

Thai Burger

Noodles in soup
(I don't know what it is called but it was a little bit sourish and tasty!)
Basil chicken
(It tasted different from the basil chicken I usually eat in Singapore but this tasted awesome!)

We ate lunch at the kata beach but didn't swim there.
It was a way too hot for me.
After I went to Phuket, I realized that I was not a beach person...haha
But I really enjoyed my time in Phuket.
people were always so polite, friendly and helpful.
I loved the people and their bowing culture too!

Tuk tuk is an open air taxi.
It is like a small truck with a roof on top.
It was quite scary to ride it especially when they drove pretty fast...

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