Thursday, 4 April 2013

New house, the first cooking

I moved to a new house from the 1st of April!
I had been quite stressed out with moving house for the past few weeks but finally I am settle down!
Now I am living with an owner couple.
They are really really nice to me.
Renting a room is very expensive in Singapore so it is very very difficult for foreigners to rent a whole flat and live alone. So most of us either team up and rent a flat together as housemates or rent a bed room and live with its owners.
Ever since I moved to Singapore, housing has been a huge concern for me.
When I was a student in Melbourne, I could easily find housemates through my university friends. But I found it diffucult when I am working in Singapore. I don't know many people here and my colleagues are either locals or already have a place to live.  Even if I find a friend whom I want to move in together, it is diffucult becuase his or her contract ends at different times from yours.
But now, I am very happy with my new place!
I am happy that I have the owner couple living together with me.
Now I even think that it might be better than living alone because it is nicer to have someone to greet to when you come home! :)
So the photo is today's dinner.
Mabo tofu, ohitashi, honey cherry tomatoes and rice.
My first cooking in the new house!
Tomorrow is friday!
I shall explore around the new house over the weekend!
My colleagues said that there were lots of nice places to eat :)

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