Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tonight's dinner: sweet miso pork on rice with Japanese rolled eggs and Croquettes

I usually spend my weekend resting at home.
I also cook and clean the house, play flute and watch dramas or movies.
But this weekend, I went out on both saturday and sunday!
On Saturday,  I caught up with a friend whom I hadn't seen for almost 2 monthes!
We had very nice pork cutlets at Ma Maion at Mandarin Gallery for late lunch and chatted till 9 plus.
Time is never enough for our girl's talk.
On Sunday, I decided to go to Bishan for shopping!  I used to live in Bishan for 1 year.
In fact, I had lived there till just about 3 weeks ago but I hadn't visited there since then.
I felt so nostalgic!
I bought an electric plug adaptor for my next trip (to charge my camera overseas) and did some grocery shopping at Fair Price Finest at Junction 8.
This fair price finest brunch is my favourite among all the other supermarkets in Singapore.
 They have varieties of veggies, meat and Japanese ingredients!
The branch which is near to my new house doesn't have as many varieties as the Bishan branch
so I guess I will come back here again sometime.
It's almost the end of April!
Hope everybody had a great weekend.

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