Monday, 23 April 2012

The lucky one and yong tau foo

I watched "the lucky one" yesterday!
It was a very nice movie...
It's not just a love story, it's about family, wars and life.
I must watch it again! ( I have a habit of watching my favourite shows, movies & dramas over and over again)

After the movie, my friend took me to her favourite cafe and I had a mixed fruit juice :) yum !

We chatted for a while at the cafe and then moved to a food have yong tau foo!!!!!

This is not the one in lucky plaza, in case you wondered.
My friend took me to her favourite yong tau foo shop!

I still think that the ingredients and the soup are better at lucky, but the special thing about this yong tau foo is that it comes with this spicy, sourly sauce!
You can dip tofu& veggies into this sauce and eat them.
Hmmmm it was very nice!

I had a very relaxing, fun and delicious Sunday! :)

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