Sunday, 8 April 2012


My housemates & I went to a restaurant called 'Hippopotamus' located in raffles city today for a birthday dinner.
It was one of my housemate's birthday yesterday, but we could t celebrate it yesterday so we did it today in stead.

It was supposed to be a French restaurant but I'd rather say, it was a French influenced restaurant. I had a French classic burger ( not sure if a burger is French food) and my housemates had steaks!

One of them ordered a course menu and appetiser was definitely Japanese yakitori served with sweet chilli sauce (definitely not French dish but it was very nice).

We also had this tomato based veggies which was very nice, and chocolate fondue & 'floating island' for dessert!

According to my French housemate, "floating island" is a authentic French dessert.

Floating island was very interesting!
It is actually meringue floating in a vanilla sauce with sliced almond on top!

I'd never seen such desserts or eaten them before so I was very excited!!

Meringue was very soft&smooth and it matched very well with the vanilla sauce! Pretty nice!

Chocolate fondue was nice as well, except for pineapples. I personally don't think pineapples go well with chocolate..

At last, but not least, Customer service was also very good at the restaurant!

It was a very good Sunday :)

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