Saturday, 21 April 2012

Irresistible food - yong tau foo

I think the best food ever in Singapore is this dish called yong tau foo.

This dish is irresistible. I have to eat it at least once a week. If not twice a week.
My desire for Yong tau foo is so strong that sometimes it appears in my dream.

Yes I'm crazily in love with this dish.

Oh but I must say that not every shop in singapore sells my desirable yong tau foo. It has to be the one in lucky plaza.

Oh no.
I'm now worried that more people are going to visit that shop after reading my blog post.
The shop is already packed during lunch time so please don't go there.

Ok, maybe you can go there. I should not be selfish. I want you to enjoy yong tau foo too. Oh but please be reminded that you will be addicted and I'm not going to be responsible for this.

When I explain yong tau foo to people outside of Singapore, they almost always get puzzled.
They say, why is that dish so nice?
How can it be. It's just tofu and veggies in soup.

Yes, exactly. Even if I try all my marketing / advertising media skills, I can't persuade you... Until you actually try it!!!

But the hardest part is to let people try yong tau foo.

Even when my family came to singapore, I was trying to convince them to eat yong tau foo, but they found the all day breakfast from wild honey or lasagna and pizza from an Italian restaurant in holland village far more appealing.

Yes, I love them too but yong tau foo has different attractions.

Firstly, yong tau foo is a very healthy dish. you can choose as many veggies as possible to put into your soup.

But if it's your first time eating yong tau foo and especially if you don't like veggies, just don't put any or pick 1 or 2. When I first ate yong tau foo, I only picked a broccoli.
Broccoli is very nice in yong tau foo.

Secondly you must enjoy this thick, juicy shiitake mushrooms in your soup. It gives you a lot of flavours and yes, the mushroom taste awesome!!

Thirdly, pick some deep fried tofu or tofu skins to add to your bowl. Oil makes the yong tau foo soup very tasty.

Well you might think yong tau foo doesn't sound that healthy after taking only 1 veggie and rest is all oily tofu.

But now don't you think yong tau foo sounds much more tasty???

Lastly, I strongly recommend you to pick kway theow noodles and eat while dipping into this red sweet sauce. Please order soup rather than dry. I have never tried dry one before but I know that the soup one is the best.

Again, please don't forget that the best yong tau foo with delicious mushrooms is in lucky plaza.

But please don't go there too often, the shop is always super crowded.

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