Wednesday, 7 October 2009

chicken & potatoes in Japanese style soup

Today's dinner Y

*chicken & potatoes in Japanese style soup

*pumpkin croquette

*carrots&egg sweet stir fry

*white rice with sesame

Chicken and Potatoes in Japanese style soup recipe


*potatoes 2

*chicken 6 drum sticks

*small onions 1 & 1/2

*Japanese soup stock 1 package


1. boil the chicken, then cut the meat out of the bones

2. put the chicken, potatoes and onions into a pot, pour water till it covers everything.

3. add the Japanese soup stock, place a lid and boil them with a medium fire.

4. take out the scums. (cook for 10 mins)

5 add 1 table spoon of soya sauce and 1 table spoon of mirin, and dried bonitoes 1 table spoon each.

6. cook for another 10 mins.

done Y

All 3 housemates gathered and cooked together and had dinner together !

This is fun... :)

When we share meals together, we can enjoy meals better than when eating alone :)

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