Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ginger Tuna Steak Dinner

Saturday Dinner

*Ginger Tuna Steak
*Eggplant cooked in Sweet Ginger Sauce
*Rolled Egg Stuffed with Tofu Curry

Tofu is coming out of the egg ;p

Ta-da-! A very cute hand made bowl from my mum!
It's from Turkey! Thank you so much, mum!
Ginger Tuna Steak Recipe

Marinate a piece of tuna with
*2 table spoons of soya sauce,
*1 table spoon of Mirin
*1 table spoon of shaved ginger
Then put flour around the steak and fry it with 2 to 3 table spoons of oil.
The outside of the steak will be crunchy and the inside will be soft :)

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