Sunday, 25 November 2012

Friend's visit in Singapore and Japanese souveniers

Last week, I caught up with my Japanese friend after 3 years of not seeing each other.
We first met in Melbourne through some Japanese students gatherings,
and soon became friends as we found out that her homestay family was the same as my ex-homestay family!
She moved in after I had left my homestay house, so we have never lived together,
but it was really amazing to meet someone who had the same homestay experience with the same awesome homestay family.
At that time, I lost contact with my ex-homestay mum and was wondering how she was.
Through my friend, I found out that she moved house and that was why I lost her contact.
 My friend helped me talk to the homestay mother and found out that she still remebered me.
After that, I visited my friend and homestay mother few times during my stay in Melbourne.  

It was  my room back then

Anyway, it was quite funny that I caught up with my friend in Singapore.
We used to hang out in Melbourne all the time, but after she had left Melbourne, we hardly had opportunities to meet up.
It was because my hometown was different from hers.
In fact, we only caught up once in Japan.
So this was the second time meeting her outside of Australia.
It's been a while, but I didn't fee like it at all.
Straight after I met her, I felt like we were back in Melbourne.
We both remember that our life in Melbourne was not always fun.
We used to complain the strange weather, feel sad about staying far away from home,
struggle through cultural differences, find it hard to catch up with local students in uni etc etc...
But there were a lot of good times as well as bad times and
somehow, when we talk about our life back then, we only remember all the good stuff.
We talked till late at night then she went back to Japan on the next day.
It was a short time, but was really nice catching up with her.
She left me with lots of delicious Japanese souveniers.

Sushi mix, miso soup, tarako pasta sauce, chicken kama meshi paste,
Taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes with red bean paste) and some sore throat candies.
 So, on the next day, I made chicken kama meshi using the paste she gave me.


It was delicious :)


*Chicken Kama meshi
*Veggie and chicken meat ball milk stew
*Carrots and Enoki cooked in sweet sauce

I hope to see her again soon
and hopefully both of us can visit our awesome homestay mum again in Melbourne!

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