Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mabo fried rice lunch


*Mabo fried rice
*Miso soup
*Boiled sweet pumpkin
*Picked cucumber

Pumpkin in a pumpkin shaped bowl!!

Mabo fried rice recipe

An easy & tasty lunch when you have leftover mabo-nasu from a night before

I still have some mabo-nasu left, so I'm planning to eat it with udon tomorrow.
It is also gonna be nice.


*mabo nasu 1 small bowl
*rice 2 bowls
*soya sauce 2 table spoons
*sesame oil some
*chill (as you like)


1. heat up a pan with some sesame oil. cook the rice, then add mabo nasu.
2. add soya sauce and chill& sesame oil as you like.

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