Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Long time no cooking.....again!!!!

•sweet&spicy pork
•sweet&sour carrots
•cucumber in special sesame oil sauce!
•sunny side egg
•miso soup

Cucumber dish is very special because my dear taiwanese friend (& ex-housemate) taught me how to make it!

Sunny side egg was very successful in terms of its shape!! I love it!

Miso soup was very tasty because I put a lot of ingredients---
fried bean curd, carrots, radish and onions!

Different flavours blend in well and make good soup!!

I was so happy to come home early today cos i can finally cook!!!

I've been working till late these days so I hadn't been able to cook at home :(

But finally!!!

I also cooked for tomorrow's lunch :)

I love cooking!

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