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The Neuschwanstein Castle

The haze in Singapore is really depressing.
I have to stay at home to avoid the haze this weekend.
What I see is this grey scenery from my bedroom window...
I can barely see anything..
I must cheer up myself by looking at the beautiful pictures from Germany...
Here it goes!
Day 4 : Breakfast at Gabriela Hause

They toasted the bread for us!

It was warm, crispy outside and soft inside.
So far it was the first warm breakfast during this trip!
It looks like some simple ordinary looking bread in the picture, but it was very delicious!
I also had different kinds of hams, sliced cucumbers, cheese and boiled eggs!
After finishing this plate, I went to get some more!
I was starving because we skipped our dinner last night!

A picture of the Neuschwanstein castle on the wall at the breakfast place.
This is the most famous castle in Fussen and we are going there today!
After the breakfast, we walked to the Fussen main station to take a bus to go to the Neuschwanstein!
A bus to the castle leaves every 20 to 30 minutes from Fussen station, depending on the time.
After you get off the bus, you can walk to the ticket office.
On the way, you will walk pass a lots of cute souvenir shops!
Please make sure you visit them!
They sell many cute things!!
We visited some of them on our way and many of them on our way back.
It will still take sometime from here to the castle
so if you do not have much time, better shop after visiting the castle.
Also please make sure to book your ticket in advance.
You can book it online and pay on the day of the ticket pick-up.
The castle is very popular that you might not be able to get your ticket
 if you try to buy one on the day of your arrival.

We were so lucky that it was very sunny and clear
when we visited the castle!

It was so sunny that we didn't need those lovely umbrellas!

 Souvenir shops
A horse-drawn carriage!
You can either take a shuttle bus or a horse-drawn carriage to go to the castle.
I was so tempted to take a horse-drawn carriage on our way
but my mum suggested that it would be better for us to take a shuttle bus instead.
This is because the castle is high up in the mountain 
but horses cannot take too much of its uphill.
So they will not take you all the way to the castle.
You would still need to walk a bit after you get off the carriage.
So we took a shuttle bus on our way and a horse carriage on our way back.
The shuttle bus was very convenient as it stopped very close to the castle and this special bridge
where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the castle and mountains behind.

So, after you get off the shuttle bus and walk towards the castle...
This is what you see...

The Hohenschwangau castle
 A beautiful lakes with blue mountains covered by remaining snow and blue sky...

It was just so so so beautiful.... 
After pampering myself with this beautiful scenery and fresh air...

The Neuschwanstein Castle


 Close up

The entrance
The Neuschwanstein castle was simply amazing.
I already enjoyed the scenery and the design of the castle from outside
yet, inside was amazing too!
No photos were allowed inside of the castle
so I enjoyed it fully with my eyes and stored all the amazing things in my memory.
I must visit this place again!
After exploring the castle, we sat down at this cafe within the castle for some coffee.

Ludwig ll passed away before the completion of the castle
and even today, some parts were remaind unfinished.
I really love the way they preserve everything as they used to be.

You can see that even in this cafe,
some parts of the walls are unfinished.

The view from the special bridge


I've got these small doughnuts on our way to the horse-drawn carriage stop.
I was expecting them to be solid and crispy like Okianawa's famous doughnuts
but it was actually very soft and chewy.
The texture was quite interesting.

We took a horse-drawn carriage on our way back.

It was really nice and claer during the day,
but after coming down to the town in the late afternoon,
 the sky was starting to get rather grey.
I was wondering if weather is going bad or simply the sun is starting to set.
We continued shopping at those small little souvenir shops
and did not really realized that the weather had changed.
By the time we were about to leave the last shop, it started raining quite heavily.
There were so many people at the bus statopm and the bus did not come for 30 to 40 minutes.
The bus station was sheltered but the actual bus stop was not.
Towards the end, people with umbrellas started queuing up at the actual bus stop.
We didn't have unbrellas but were worried that we could not make it for  the first bus
if we comfortably wait under the bus station shelter
Really, there were many of us waiting for the same bus
to go back to the Fussen main station.
So we decided to queue outside too.
It took about 5 to 10 minutes until the bus actually arrived at the bus stop.
We got wet but were glad that we made it for the first bus,
because there were some people who couldn't get on the first bus
and had to wait for another one, which probablly takes another 30 minutes or so to arrive.
(There were some people trying to cut queue like crazy
and  I was very upset and disappointed about them)
I wonder how long they waited for the next bus.
Hopefully it was no longer than 30 minutes...

After we got back to the main station, we returned to the hotel just to change clothes
because our clothes were all wet after waiting for the bus without a shelter for a while.

We learnt from last night that if we stay too long in the hotel room,
we will end up not going out at all and skip dinner again.
So after changing clothes, we quickly left the hotel
and went to a restaurant called "Ludwigs" for dinner.

It was the first propper dinner we had in a restaurant in Germany.

Boiled White Asparagus with Hollandise Sauce
They were really think and huge!

A recommended meat plate.
Pork ribs, a ham, grilled chicken, beef... I cannot remember what else was there.
The waiter said the plate is just enough for 1 person.
But just in case we cannot finish it,
we ordered 1 meat plate and 1 veggie plate to share for 2 of us.
Yet, we ended up not being able to finish everything.
It was just so much to eat!
After the dinner, we realized that we needed to buy some breakfast for tomorrow
before going back to the hotel.
We were leaving early on the next day to catch Euro bus to go up to Rothernburg.
The bus leaves very early in the morning and it only runs once a day so we could not miss it.
 Bakeries were all closed by then, we went to see if any restaurants have take away menu.
One restaurant was closed and the other one did not have a take away menu.
As we were about to give up, I spotted a small kebab shop.
We took away 2 garlic kebabs - which we eventually ate in the bus.
Sorry for the fellow passengers... but the garlic kebab was what the shop staff recommended to me.
And in fact, it was very delicious!

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