Saturday, 1 June 2013

My very first trip to Germany -day3 Fussen city- May 2013

Next morning- Breakfast at Guest House Heidelberg
Delicious sandwiches, savoury and sweet bread
There were varieties of sandwiches, savoury bread, dessert bread,
yoghurt etc on a table in front of the reception.
People can just sit there and eat but there are not many tables and chairs.
So many of us just picked whatever we want and bring them with us.

We were in a rush to catch an early train to Fussen
so we packed our sandwiches and quickly left our hotel too.

Heidelberg train station.

Our train was delayed for 35 mins!
All the annoucements were in German and so
we were a bit confused and worried while waiting for our train.
But a friendly Japanese lady (She said she was studying here)
helped us translate the annoucements and explained the situation for us.
There was also a local gentle man who taught us which train to take in English.
Everyone we met in this country was so friendly and helpful.

Finally we caught our train!
We saw a mother's day ad outside of our train window.
Express train to Augusburg, then changed to a local train to Fussen.

It was a long train ride and I was bored half way through..

But eventually the scenery outside became so beautiful
with endless green grass fields
and blue mountains covered by some remaining snow and clear blue sky! 

So I became really busy taking pictures and collected lots of nice pictures
by the time we reached Fussen.

Here we are!
(I love the 2 dots on top of "U". Looks like a smily face!)

Feeling the clouds and mountains so close to us.

A cute little station house?
Fussen train station

Clear blue sky!

Welcome to Fussen!

A very pretty town/city, Fussen.

One thing I found unique about Fussen architecture is that
many of the buildings here have paintings on their walls.
Some are not so obvious.. like those painted window frames

Others are very obvious like people's images..

Shop signs are also cute.
Even a clock is painted! Can you tell?

It was so sunny and clear today so we decided to walk up a bit of hill
and see a small castle.

Yellow tanpopo flowers and green grass
I wanted to lie down on the green grass.
 looked so comfortable!



The entrance to the castle

A view from the castle balcony


Inside was a museum.

 After seeing the castle, we were quite tired.
So we decided to go back to the hotel and rest a bit.
But it turned out that we fell asleep and by the time we woke up, it was already close to 9pm.
We were to lazy to go out then, if I remember correctly, we skipped dinner on that day.
The hotel we stayed in Fussen is Hause Gabriel.

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