Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend dinner- Korean style pancake, Chijimi recipe

Weekend dinner

*BBQ beef
*Chijimi ( Korean style pancakes) with chives and sweet chilli mayo sauce
*Avocado & tomato spicy onion salad
*Seasoned spinach
*Radish miso soup
*White rice

Chijimi with chives and sweet chilli mayo sauce recipe


*Chives few
*Plain flour 2 cups
*Water 1 cup
(add more flour if the paste is too watery, add more water if it's not smooth)
*Some sesame oil

Sauce ingredients
*sweet chili sauce 2 table spoons
*Japanese mayonnaise 1 table spoon


1. Cut chives into small pieces (3-4cm). Mix Chives, flour and water in a bowl.
2. Heat up a pan with the sesame oil, pour half of the paste into the pan, spread it evenly
3. Once one side is cooked, flip it over, cook both side then take it out of the pan, cook the other half of the paste in the same way
4. Cut the Chijimi into small pieces, dip them into the mixed sweet chili mayo sauce.

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