Thursday, 4 November 2010

Crispy beef salad

Today's dinner

*Crispy BBQ beef salad

*Agedashi tofu

*Stir fried carrots and deveil's tongue in sweet sauce

*Sweet potatoes

and White rice

BBQ beef salad recipe


*thin sliced beef (Pork is also ok) 200g
*Korean BBQ sauce 3 table spoons
*garlic 1 piece
*mirin (Japanese sweet sake) 2 table spoons
*corn flour 1/2 cup
*radish 1/3
*tomatoes 2


1. Mince the garlic

2. Marinate the beef with BBQ sauce, mirin and the garlic.

3. Put corn flour on both sides of the beef

4. Heat up a pan with some oil, fry the beef. Try not to move the beef too much while cooking so that the beef becomes crispy.
5. Once the beef is cooked, place it on a plate, shave the radish on top of the beef
6. cut tomatoes into eatable sizes.

Eat with refreshing salad dressings!

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  1. mmmm yummy, this sounds really good. l thanks for posting this recipe.