Monday, 9 August 2010

Nikko Edo Wonderland

I'm in Japan at the moment, enjoying the very last uni holiday.

Yes, I'm graduating at the end of this month!!


I went to Nikko with my family few days ago.

I hadn't been able to join my family's annual summer trip for more than 5 years--- since I left for Melbourne to study :(.

So this trip was very special to me!!

↑This is one of the shops in Edo Wonderland.

All the food menu is shown with an old currency, ryo, not yen.

↑ Edo Village

↑ A wanted poster in Edo Village.

It says the guy's distinctive features are:

the thick eye brows and the huge front teeth poping out of his mouth.

It also says he is good looking??!!!

how can it be.... haha

↑Oiran show

She (Oiran) is like... Geisha but the most intellegent one. The best at dancing and singing.

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