Sunday, 22 August 2010

Miso mayo Eggplant

Today's Dinner

*Miso mayo eggplant
*radish & pork soup
*white rice

*peanuts sauce chicken

*tofu and cabbaage in soup

I thought there were some carrots left in the fridge!

But... what I thought carrots were actually oranges....


Miso mayo eggplant Recipe


*eggplants - half (if you are using the huge one which we often see in Australia) or 2 (if you are using small ones which we always use in Asia)

*garlic (2 pieces)

*miso (2 table spoons)

*mayonaise (2 table spoons)

*sesame oil (1 table spoon)


1. cut the eggplants into thin and small pieces, leave them in a bowl of water for a while.

2. cut the garlic into tiny pieces.

3. heat up a pan with some sesame oil, fry the garlic. Take the eggplants out of the water and fry them together with the garlic.

4. put the mayonaise and miso in the pan. cook them till the eggplants become soft. Blend the sauce with the eggplants well.

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