Sunday, 5 June 2011


I came back to Japan about a month ago.
I was supporsed to come back to Tokyo on the 1st of May.
But my Jet Star flights had been cancelled twice.
When I found out about the second cancellation, I was already in Gold Coast (There is no more direct flight from Melb to Tokyo so I always have to transit at Gold Coast).

I had to choose whether to fly back to Melbourne and wait for another flight tomorrow or fly to Kansai airport in stead of Narita. I chose the later one.

I arrived at Kansai airport around 7pm then, took a Shinkansen (bullet train) all the way to Tokyo. That took me another 4 hours.

It was very very very tiring.

The funny thing is that it was actually my first time to visit to Osaka (Kansai airport is in Osaka).
I hope I can visit Osaka again for sightseeing, not for transitting.

**I couldn't update my blog for while cos I've been busy working as an intern in Tokyo.
Hopefully I can update my blog somtimes while in Tokyo too.

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